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Newborn Support (including Baby Weigh In Clinics)

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Well Baby Clinics, including Baby Weigh In facilities

Here is a list of the Well Baby Clinics in West Leeds which provide support and advice, baby weigh-in facilities, healthcare checks and more.  Some also offer self-weigh facilities for your baby (as highlighted below).

MONDAY: Vesper Road GP’s,  Vesper Rd, Leeds LS5 3NA. 1.30-3:00pm.  Drop In.  Tel: 0113 275 1248

MONDAY: Bramley Clinic, 255 Upper Town St, Leeds, LS13 3EJ. 9.30-10.45.  Drop In.  Tel: 0113 843 0500

TUESDAY: Farsley Children’s Centre, Farfield Primary School, Cote Lane, LS28 5ED.  1.00-3.00pm.  Appointment only. Tel:  0113 2058134

TUESDAY: Holt Park Health Centre, Holt Road, LS16 7QD. 9.30-11.30am.  Drop In & Self Weigh.  Tel: 0113 843 3800

TUESDAY: Kirkstall Health Centre, 15 Morris Lane, Leeds LS5 3DB.  1.30-3.00pm.  Drop In.  Tel: 0113 843 2710

TUESDAY: Armley Moor Health Centre, 95 Town St, Leeds, LS12 3HD. 1.00-3.00pm.  Appointment only.  Tel: 0113 467 7499

WEDNESDAY: Bramley Clinic, 255 Upper Town St, Leeds, LS13 3EJ.  1.00-3.00pm.  Appointment only.   Tel: 0113 843 0500

WEDNESDAY: Headingley Children’s Centre, Wood Lane, LS6 2DT.  9.30-11.00am.  Drop In.  Tel: 0113 278 7766

THURSDAY: Pudsey Health Centre, 18, Mulberry St. LS28 7XP. 9.30-11.30am.  Appointment only.  Tel: 0113 295 3200

THURSDAY: Wortley Beck Health Centre, Ring Road, Leeds LS12 5SG.  1.30-3:00pm. Appointment only.  Tel: 0113 295 4770

FRIDAY: Horsforth Clinic, Church Lane, LS18 5LA. 9.30-11.30am.  Drop In & Self Weigh.  Tel: 0113 843 3940

From time to time, timings may change or clinics may temporarily close.  Please check the Health Visiting information on the Leeds Community Healthcare website here and/or call ahead before attending a Drop In clinic.


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City Wide Contact Number for Health Visitors

From November 2017 there is now a single point of access for all health visitors and community nursery nurses across the whole of Leeds. Please ring this number for any queries, advice and bookings for Health Visiting including booking an appointment for clinics and contacting your health visitor.

The NEW telephone number is 0113 8435683.