Pregnancy West Leeds

Doulas and Independent Midwives

Bespoke Birthing

Bespoke birthing offers fully private midwifery care throughout and post birth with flexible payment and appointments. Midwives are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Care is offered in North & West Yorkshire and East Lancashire. Call 0772 540 0995


Doulala offers a personal midwife and a doula as standard to support the expectant mother throughout pregnancy and birth. Midwives at doulala are also able to offer hypnobirthing. Call 0782 831 5622 or 0741 513 9947


IMUK is a system of independent midwives workin throughout the UK including West Leeds. Midwives who are members of IMUK are dedicated to their patients and offer the highest level of care. Antenatal classes usually take place in the home of the expectant mother and care is 24/7. Call 0300 111 0105

Leeds Homebirth Support Group

The Leeds Homebirth Support Group run on the 2nd Sunday of each month. It is open to anyone interested in or planning a homebirth.
Location is 10am-12pm at Headingley Pre-School, 25 Burton Crescent, LS6 4DN. Further details are on the Facebook group which you can ask to join.

Yorkshire Storks midwifery collective

Yorkshire Storks is a collective of experienced midwives in Yorkshire who offer midwifery care in the home of patients. Not only do they offer medical care but also care packages to support your new family throughout pregnancy. Call 0142 336 0460