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Welcome to West Leeds Mumbler!

Hi! My name’s Deb and I’m a local mum to a boisterous toddler, and housemate to 3 fabulous step-daughters.  West Leeds is a fantastic place to raise a family, there is so much going on for babies and children here.  Over the past few years I’ve tried many playgroups and classes and have been to a lot of attractions and family events in the area. I’ve been so impressed by what I’ve found and feel genuinely lucky to be raising a family an community that has so much going on.

Before having my daughter I had no idea what there was to do in the area with a baby though. I remember in the first few months of having her thinking ‘What on earth do I do with her today, I need to get out of the house?! Where can I take her and where can I meet other mums in my situation?’ And now she’s started nursery I’m thinking ‘What shall I do with her on our days together?  Where can we go altogether, where the older one’s won’t get bored?  And what is there to do free because I’m spending money like it’s going out of fashion?’.

I spent a lot of my time online, liking different Facebook pages or using one internet site to find out about my local library and another for my children centre.  I just didn’t feel there was one place that had everything I needed for West Leeds.   So I decided to create one.  Somewhere where everything to do is listed, from playgroups and classes to local days out and special events.  Somewhere that other parents and carers (and grandparents) could go to find things to do with their little ones.  And so the West Leeds Mumbler website was born!

Hopefully you find all the sections useful, it is evolving so if you have any feedback, questions or ideas for the website, please get in touch.  Equally, if you run a family-related business in West Leeds, read here about the many ways to publicise it on the website.

There is also the West Leeds Mumbler Chat Group on Facebook, designed to be a social hub for parents and the chat forum for the website. If you haven’t already, please come and join our growing community – all new members are very welcome!

You can also like the West Leeds Mumbler News Page, also on Facebook, for all the latest updates.

Thank you for taking the time to look around the website – be sure to visit regularly for the latest events, clubs and playgroups, family days out, offers, blogs and more!



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